Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Myra the week in review #2 . . .

Taffy Apple by Mike Naples
Interviewer: What have you learned this week Myra?
Myra: Well, I’m really amazed how artists paint 'every day objects' in such beautiful ways. You know there’s even one artist who paints masterpieces on grains of rice and toothpicks . . . like Rembrandt’s ‘Mona Lisa’ and that other thing by that other guy. You have to have a magnifying glass to look at them but they are very good.
Interviewer: You spend a lot of time alone don’t you? Uh, what else have you done?
Myra: I put a painting on ebay and I was amazed by the number of people who looked at my work!
Interviewer: How many?
Myra: Two. I told you I was amazed! You know that ‘painting a day’ guy actually stole that idea from me. I never consciously thought about doing a painting a day but I would have eventually.
Interviewer: Yeah, right. Any actual good news?
Myra: Well, I live in a very nice building where maintenance schedules regular visits by pest control. These wonderful people are always amazed THAT THERE ARE NO PESTS IN MY HOUSE - except for that little snafu with my hamsters Monet and Renoir the firsts - may they rest in peace! Anyway, they contribute this to my paintings. Of all of my visitors, pest control are the only ones who show real enthusiasm for my work. So I thought now there’s your market Myra. THAT’S where you show your paintings! Have a cheese and wine - well maybe not cheese - at pest control places!
Interviewer: I have ants so I'll definitely be there! And what are your goals for next week?
Myra: At the end of the day, after I have done good to others and the hamsters have had their treats, and I’ve polished their little nails and brushed their little teeth - I am going to continue to try to be a better artist!
Note: This interview is dedicated to pjmontano and the lady in chicago who said that she liked my painting of ‘ladies in hats’.

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Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Well, I read the complete interview. Thanks for the smiles and dedication. :-) I want to be an artist too.