Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Connie Chadwell and Dan McCaw part 2 . . .

Connie Chadwell and Dan McCaw -
The Beauty and . . . the Power
I would like to apologize to those who would perhaps like to see a little more than the art of the ballet. I actually have hundreds of images of still life and landscapes and seascapes and wildlife - and more - that I love very much - and hope to share with you. In trying to be a better artist, I am, like so many before me especially drawn to a particular genre. Why? Please tell me about yours and maybe you can help me to better articulate about mine. I chose these paintings by Connie Chadwell (first painting) and Dan McCaw (second painting) because I am intrigued by the fact that all of you artists can 'say' something so powerful in a very detailed painting . . . and as in this case - you can also say something so powerful with so few details. I am in awe of how all of you painters and artists do that. I too would like to bring the power . . . usually I say I can and I will . . . but I think I need to do less talking and more painting . . .
PS This post is dedicated to Mr. Eugene Wang . . . a man of few words . . . whose words had the POWER to make me want to become a better artist.

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